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HELLO & WELCOME to my website. I’m Danny Williams - a no-nonsense Personal Trainer, Strength, Fitness & Nutrition Coach with more than 30 years and 40,000+ hours PT and sports coaching experience. I'm also the Founder of FITNESSE STRENGTH FOR LIFE...

Any questions, hit me up in the red chat box below right and I'll reply, personally, within a few working hours.

If you are reading or watching this, you're probably considering hiring a Personal Trainer or Online Coach and, like most of my clients, you're no doubt busy so instead of a clever sales website with fancy funnels, marketing clichés and BS buzz words I'll just give you some info, you can check out some testimonials and then, if you think we're a fit to work together, we can hop on a call to discuss how I can help you achieve your fitness goals. If you'd rather hop straight into a call, ping me your name and number in the red chat box...

MY MISSION is to provide a world class online PT, Strength, Fitness & Nutrition Coaching service by combining the very latest evidence-based strength, fitness & nutrition practices with my 30-plus years and more than 40,000 hours Personal Training & Coaching experience, whilst debunking the usual Fitness Industry and mainstream media myths and fads in favour of providing high quality information and practical content.

If I show you, you'll see...

If I coach you, you will perform.

If I teach you, you'll learn...


I coach successful, time poor professionals with busy lives, that are committed to becoming the best version of themselves by getting stronger, fitter & leaner whilst adhering to a no-nonsense fluff-free training program comprising resistance training - mainly with free weights - cardiovascular conditioning, nutrition, lifestyle & habit coaching.

The only question that really matters is:

How will my experience help you achieve your goals?






Forgive me going on, I’d rather hear all about you but some of this may help you make a decision, so…

I’ve been doing this for 30-odd years. In that time I've helped people from all walks of life achieve their aesthetic and athletic goals.


As you'll see from a few testimonials below, I've worked with people with further to go than you - my biggest loser dropped over half their body weight, losing 14 stone to get from almost 28 stone down to just under 14 stone - and people at every level from recreational fitness enthusiast and grass roots sports people to Elite, International and Olympian medallist athletes, as well as people that just wanted to gain lean muscle or lose a few pounds of fat, create a healthier lifestyle and generally become stronger, fitter and leaner.

In terms of my professional experience, I worked for David Lloyd Leisure for over 10 years, initially as a Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and Head of PT, ultimately becoming Group Health & Fitness Manager where I wrote the Company’s Health & Fitness Ops & Procedures Manual for all 36 clubs for the Whitbread PLC takeover! I was also an NVQ Assessor for Health & Fitness, examining students’ coaching technique during their National Vocational Qualification courses and exams. 

My sports specific experience includes rugby union - which was my main sporting passion -  and football up to National and Premiership level; I’ve worked with elite National, International & Olympic athletes across a diverse range of sports including rugby, football, tennis, boxing, squash, triathlon, rowing, bodybuilding, martial arts, sailing plus a few others and I’ve been taught by and played this game of LIFE longer than most PTs and coaches… In fact I’ve probably been PTing and Coaching longer than most have been alive… 


I’ve also been fortunate enough to work with a clientèle that includes people in the highest echelons of global corporate business as well as numerous celebrities including pop, movie and sports stars. My experience and knowledge has seen me appear on TV & Radio and featured in glossy magazines…


However, getting or staying in shape is easy when you’re paid handsomely for doing so and thus I consider my biggest achievements - the clients of whom I'm most proud and whose victories I prefer to shout about - to have come from everyday people leading everyday lives. I've worked with and helped some great athletes and well known celebs achieve some impressive aesthetic and athletic results but working with real people like you and I, that are living real lives, with all the challenges and curve balls life throws our way is where my passion lies so hit me up and let’s have a chat about how we can work together to achieve your goals.


Until we speak - Find your WHY, get after it & TRUST THE PROCESS. TTFN. x




With many years experience as a Personal Trainer and Strength & Conditioning Coach in 1-2-1, in-person group and team scenarios you could say I'm a bit of a PT & Fitness Trainer snob! I was actually concerned about the trend towards online coaching due to the lack of practical experience of online coaches. I mean, how on earth could training and more specifically 'coaching' people you'd never met possibly work?

My opinion remains unchanged - there are many physiological and psycho-emotional factors that require in-person Personal Training experience and coaching expertise that simply cannot be gained on a weekend course or two, and by cut & pasting a generic workout from a magazine or Fitness Influencer's Insta to a client you trapped in a clever sales funnel. Thankfully, that will never be my MO!

Whilst initially sceptical about offering an exclusively Online Coaching service, I've actually been providing a 'hybrid service' (online & offline) for more than a decade for clients that were working abroad, away on holiday or had moved and I still work with several clients that are now permanently based abroad. Things are a tad better now than they were on Skype over a dial-up connection!

Online coaching exploded during recent lockdowns but 30+ years and 40,000 hours in-person 

PT & Coaching experience has provided me with the tools to coach remotely, safely and effectively.








People I hadn't worked with for 10 or so and in one case 20-odd years were reaching out to me for coaching and, having experienced the benefit and success of clients with minimal modifications to my coaching methodology, I have now evolved my business to reach a wider audience and provide an even more effective Strength, Fitness & Nutrition Coaching experience without time or geographic constraints. 

And so I am now fully committed to providing the very best evidence-based, results driven Online Strength, Fitness & Nutrition Coaching experience. On reflection, the lack of experienced online coaches should have been a reason for me to offer something of higher quality, a more bespoke approach if you will, and thats's exactly what I'm now doing.

I'm an unashamed data freak; a real nerd's nerd when it comes to science, facts & figures and the stats speak for themselves; by combining my experience with modern technology, I have created the ultimate online Personal Training & Coaching solution. A real winner in terms of achieving my client's goal oriented success as I hope you will find out. 

Somewhat counter-intuitively, the two key components of a successful training and nutrition program - Consistency & Adherence - are actually higher than with 1-2-1 and in-person clients. On closer inspection it's apparent that more regular Accountability & Review check-ins have a significant positive impact on client's progress, mainly because I am literally in your pocket, encouraging, motivating and with you every step of the way, every single day.



Madeline Mason.HEIC
MADELINE 'ICE MAIDEN' MASON (from an article in Zest magazine)
First person over 50 to complete an unassisted expedition to the South Pole - after two years in bed with CFS

"Quite frankly, it seems ridiculous. I'd been training with Danny for a couple of months or so after a long spell of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome had left me mostly exhausted in bed for two years. Danny is very passionate about the importance of having what he calls 'goals beyond your goals'. During one of our sessions I mentioned I'd read an article about expeditions to the South Pole and Danny said "That's a great goal to have beyond our current one!", which I think at the time was walking a mile or two without a rest - hilarious! At first I thought he was joking but I still recall the look on his face... Well, to cut a long story short, almost two years later and there I was stood at the South Pole - the first person over the age of 50 to do so in an unassisted expedition. Ridiculous."



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If you have any questions or want to find out more about we can you achieve your health & fitness goals, book a NO OBLIGATION, FREE Pre-Coaching Consultation NOW and get on the best path to becoming stronger, fitter and leaner and create the very best version of you.



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